Four New Experiences at Haraveli Maldives by Constance

The five-star Konsdanghara Veli Hotel in the Maldives has launched four new experiences designed to provide guests with a dreamy time and rejuvenate their bodies and minds with total nourishment.

Constan Total Wellness Journey

An unparalleled escape experience that brings energy and vitality back to you after a challenging year. The expert team at Haraveli Hotel Constance will rebalance your mind and body with a customized wellness program. Guests can meet with the hotel's nutrition experts, yoga gurus, fitness instructors and spa therapists upon arrival to prepare for a comprehensive wellness journey: meditation classes, yoga experiences on the soft beach, gym, tennis and water activities are all paired with programs designed to address specific health concerns. Targeted spa treatments further enhance the wellness experience, relieving muscle tension and revitalizing the senses. 自动草稿 A journey into nature beyond the world

Spend an unforgettable night in a tent or under the stars on your own island off the coast of Haraveli Hotel. From the hotel, take a ten-minute speedboat ride to a silent sandbar, where you will experience nature in its purest form. A beach butler will be at your disposal to prepare a delicious wilderness lunch and barbecue dinner, set up fishing lines and snorkeling equipment, and make sure the campfire is going strong at night. The rest of the time he will lie on the Doni boat leaving you plenty of privacy. Nights on this sandbar can be spent in any way you wish, whether it is a Robinsonian rafting adventure or a precious experience practicing deep positive thinking between heaven and earth. This Transcendental Journey (Castaway Experience) is open to all guests and can be booked at check-in for an additional fee.

Harawiri Wine Tastingand TastingTour

Wine lovers can enjoy the world's finest wines at Haraweli Hotel Constance, with over 1,780 wines from more than 325 wine regions around the world to choose from. The hotel also offers private cellar tours, private tasting sessions and blind tasting experiences, as well as kayaking trips to sandbar islands for wine tasting. In addition, there is a unique lagoon tasting experience, where you can stand in the knee-length blue water, face the sunset and sip your wine. For dinner, we have a special selection of dishes and wine pairings. Choose your favorite dish and our sommelier will pair it with the perfect wine, or conversely, choose your favorite wine and our chef will create a custom menu to match it best.


The exquisite and charming Villa Villas at Concealed Hills have always strived to offer guests a new and refreshing experience, catering to their every need. Now, the experience will be enhanced with the ability to choose your own room fragrance, bath oils and soaps, as well as the color scheme of cushions and bed flags. To ensure guests have a restful sleep, Harawari Hotel Constance has a selection of pillows, including aromatherapy pillows, NASA-developed memory foam pillows and 100% buckwheat hull pillows. Haraweli's app also features a new music playlist to create a soothing atmosphere for a restful night's sleep. Let Haraweli's villa be your home for relaxation and rejuvenation. Enjoy 60% off the room rate at Haraveli Maldives, Constance