Try Queen’s Platinum Pearl Balm for “moody” skin in spring

The plan of the year lies in spring, the year of "muscle" also lies in spring. Spring skin care good care, a year of skin no trouble. But often this season, is also the time when the skin is prone to problems, a little inattention, the skin will be "moody". If you feel that your skin is dry at this time, it is mainly due to lack of water or imbalance of water and oil; moreover, during the change of season, the skin is easily stimulated, and when the barrier is damaged, the use of oily cream products may not achieve the ideal hydration effect. It is recommended to replace the lotion and cream products with less oil and more moisture, which are simple in composition, mild in texture, breathable and better absorbed. Try this "pearl cream" with soothing skin care effect! Queen Pientzehuang Pearl Cream (Platinum Grade Perfect Nourishment), with friendly ingredients and comfortable on the face, is a treasure product very suitable for spring skin care. 自动草稿 Why do you plant this pearl cream? Because it has multiple effects such as moisturizing, nourishing, soothing, firming, improving skin barrier, etc. One bottle is multifunctional, which can better protect the skin care for the new season! I believe most of you have heard of "Queen Pientzehuang Pearl Cream", right? It is also called "small porcelain bottle", which is a classic national product of household name for a generation, and it is still an explosive model of word-of-mouth. Later, Pientzehuang cosmetics launched the "upgraded model" Queen Pientzehuang Pearl Cream (Platinum Grade Perfect Nourishment), which is also the star product to be specially introduced to you today. It is not small, and it won the honor of "The 17th People's Choice Craftsmanship Product Award" of People's Daily for its more excellent skin care efficacy, and the product efficacy experience is trustworthy. A bottle to solve all kinds of skin care "pain points", the Queen Platinum Pearl Cream is so versatile It is a blend of high-quality pearl extract, ceramide, phytosterols, shea butter, white pond flower seed oil, sodium hyaluronate and other ingredients, rich and delicate cream can bring a pleasant and comfortable experience for the skin, can effectively improve the skin's own protection and moisture barrier ability, reduce the skin's dry lines and fine lines, to create a firm and elastic beauty. In the beginning of the use of the stage, you can clearly feel the Queen Platinum Pearl Cream hydration effect, feel the "locking power" to help the skin say goodbye to the phenomenon of dry peeling; then the second stage, slowly soothe the skin, improve skin quality, so that the skin is fully care; the third stage can improve the skin barrier, help the skin to maintain in The final stage is to lighten and tighten the skin, so that the skin returns to elasticity and fullness, lighten some dry lines, small lines, etc. 自动草稿 The effect of experience upgrades, luxury skin care more "thoughtful" Compared to the small porcelain bottle, this Queen's white gold pearl cream has more effect of lightening and firming, can improve the skin dry lines and fine lines, improve skin elasticity, glowing youthful feeling. The skin condition is getting better day by day, enjoying the queen-like luxury pampering, beauty and confidence. Spring is beautiful and cruel, so take good skin care to be a youthful and bright fairy in the beautiful spring light! With the extravagant pampering of Queen Pientzehuang Pearl Cream (Platinum Grade Perfect Nourishment), it makes spring skin care a simple thing.