Pientzehuang soothing and repairing essence oil guards your beautiful skin in spring

With the arrival of spring, the change of seasons, the recovery of everything, the weather changes become obvious, the cold of winter has not disappeared, the spring breeze and blowing the warmth. Such a climate, if the care is not in place, the skin is often prone to instability, fragile and easily damaged, dry and water-oil imbalance and other problems, so that the ladies into the seasonal "skin anxiety".

If you want to calm your skin and get rid of skin "small emotions", come and try Pientzehuang cosmetic spring new product - Pientzehuang brand soothing repairing essence oil. It stabilizes skin with oil, soothes and cares, releases mild guardian power, adds beauty buff to spring skin, soft and beautiful for the whole spring.


Concise formula of Pientzehuang brings together herbal power

This newly launched essence oil selects 3 natural botanical oils: plantain blue thistle seed oil, white pond flower seed oil and jojoba seed oil, and also adds two natural herbal essences, which are inverted bellflower/leaf/vine extract and sunflower seed oil unsaponifiable substance, and combines tocopherol (vitamin E), squalane, tocopheryl acetate and other skin beauty ingredients, the formula is concise and inherits Pientzehuang cosmetic herbal skin care concept.

Skincare with oil, multi-effects and perfect protection

When it comes to "oil", some ladies may feel afraid, but actually there is no need to worry. This soothing repairing essence oil of Pientzehuang cosmetic is light in texture, silky and comfortable, easy to apply, easily absorbed, and suitable for many skin types. Our skin has a certain ratio of moisture and oil, if the oil of the skin is not enough, the sebum film will be more easily damaged. Using a serum oil to replenish the sebaceous membrane component not only soothes the skin, but also prevents moisture loss and provides a water-locking effect.

Drop of oil to moisten and rejuvenate skin Get heart overlay beauty power up

The usage method of Pientzehuang Soothing Repairing Essence Oil is simple and not complicated. After cleansing your face, take a drop of essence oil in your palm, put your palm together, gently turn to preheat evenly, and then apply an appropriate amount on your face. You can start by drawing "small hearts" to moisturize the drier parts of the face, and then expand to draw "big hearts" to bring the oil to the rest of the face. The warmth of your palm will help the oil to be absorbed to promote the subsequent care. Is it very simple, have you learned it?


Pientzehuang Soothing Repairing Essence Oil guards your skin beauty power, says goodbye to "skin anxiety", starts from spring, and takes you to enjoy the clear and beautiful style. Little sisters, take this bottle of essence oil and bloom your own beauty in this beautiful, magical and hopeful season.