Nivea launches the new LUMINOUS 630 collection, including serum, sunscreen and eye cream products

The famous German skincare brand NIVEA has recently launched the new LUMINOUS 630 series, which includes essence, sunscreen and eye and night cream products. The birth of LUMINOUS 630®, a patented breakthrough in blemish whitening After 10 years of research, Beiersdorf scientists have innovated and cultivated the melanin-triggering human complexin enzyme in the laboratory and tested 50,000 melanin-inhibiting ingredients on it. Among them, the 630th ingredient successfully inhibited melanin with a much higher efficiency than traditional whitening and spot-lighting ingredients, and LUMINOUS630® was born. 自动草稿 Nivea LUMINOUS630 Spot Lightening and Brightening Essence Product Specifications: 30ml Suggested Retail Price: $309 LUMINOUS630®, a patented ingredient developed by Beiersdorf over 10 years, is highly effective in reducing dark spots, whitening and brightening for 4 weeks, and inhibiting the appearance of dark spots; it is combined with small molecules of hyaluronic acid and tocopherol to hydrate and smooth fine lines. 119#1X root cause of darkness suppression, whitening and lightening 5-dimensional darkness suppression, comprehensive whitening LUMINOUS630 119#1X root cause of melanin supp ression - Double #2 small molecules of hyaluronic acid: Ultra-permeable particles of hyaluronic acid help LUMINOUS penetrate into the skin to stimulate higher efficacy. - Highly active vitamin C derivatives: restore the deposited melanin for long-lasting whitening - Double #3 Active Tocopherol: Anti-free radicals protect cells from potential spots - Multi-hydration factor: strengthens the water barrier to reinforce the brightening effect How to use: Apply a thin layer to the face and neck, lift upward against gravity and spread evenly over the entire face. Apply thickly to blemishes, acne marks and other areas, and massage with light pressure until completely absorbed. Emulsion texture, very good absorption, hydrating and moisturizing without mud. #1 finger LUMINOUS63 is 119 times more effective than 377 (resorcinol derivative) in inhibiting darkness. #2 content is double that of the previous generation hyaluronic acid #3 contains twice the amount of the previous generation of tocopherols 自动草稿 Nivea LUMINOUS 630 Whitening Essence Sunscreen Lotion Product Specification 40ml Suggested Retail Price: 229 RMB SPF50 PA+++ high anti-sun protection with LUMINOUS630®, a patented ingredient developed by Beiersdorf for 10 years, which is an anti-sun protection and highly effective root cause of tanning, lightens and prevents tanning and sun spots; compounded with small molecules of hyaluronic acid and tocopherol to hydrate and moisturize. The combination of small molecules of hyaluronic acid and tocopherol is moisturizing. - Lightweight cloud sensory emulsion. 1.Lightweight and non-comedogenic 2.Fast film formation 3.Nude Matte 4.No mud on How to use: Squeeze out an appropriate amount of essence sunscreen, apply to the desired part of the face or body, lift upward against gravity, and gently pat and smooth. 自动草稿 Nivea LUMINOUS 630 Radiance Eye Cream Product Specifications: 15ml Suggested Retail Price: $239 LUMINOUS630®, a patented ingredient developed by Beiersdorf over 10 years, combines high concentration of caffeine and small molecules of hyaluronic acid to improve dullness and melanin deposits around the eyes, eliminate puffiness, smooth dry lines around the eyes and brighten the eyes. 3 dimensions to reduce dark circles 4 weeks to brighten the eye area Golden combination to effectively improve the problems around the eyes - Highly concentrated caffeine: accelerates blood circulation around the eyes, fades vascular dark circles and eliminates swollen eyes. - Ultra-permeable Hyaluronic Acid: replenishes hyaluronic acid to the epidermis around the eyes, deeply moisturizes the stratum corneum and smooths out dry lines and fine wrinkles. How to use: Squeeze out the pearl size and apply evenly to the upper and lower eye area, lift the end of the eye area against the gravitational force, and bounce around the eye area to accelerate absorption. 自动草稿 Nivea LUMINOUS 630 Light Spot Whitening Repair Night Cream Product Specifications: 50ml Suggested Retail Price: RMB339 LUMINOUS630®, a patented ingredient developed by Beiersdorf over 10 years, combines creatine and small molecules of hyaluronic acid for intensive nighttime treatment to lighten blemishes and brighten skin tone, while activating cellular vitality and smoothing fine lines. Restores cellular elasticity and smoothes out fine lines - Precious Creatine: It can effectively increase the water storage capacity of muscle cells, promote collagen production, improve sagging and tired skin, and regain firmness and elasticity of the skin. - Ultra-permeable Hyaluronic Acid: Infuses small molecules of hyaluronic acid into the epidermis, intensively hydrating the stratum corneum at night and smoothing out dry lines and wrinkles. It also helps Luminous 630 to penetrate the skin and stimulate higher efficacy. How to use: Smooth along the outer contours of the face to behind the ears and lift upward against gravity to lift the facial contours. Creamy texture, hydrating and non-mud-rubbing.