ASICS ASICS and JJJJound first cooperation, the release of the new joint shoes GEL-KAYANO 14

Recently, ASICS ASICS and the Canadian brand JJJJound have collaborated for the first time to release a new co-branded shoe, the GEL-KAYANO 14.

JJJJound was founded in 2006 and became famous by sharing a large number of creative images in the form of mood boards on online platforms. In the decade since then, JJJJound has grown beyond the internet realm and become tangible through crossover collaborations with artists and brands with unique aesthetic concepts. jjjjjound specializes in fusing different design ideas, inheriting the brand's classic style while reinterpreting products with a current perspective.

The collaboration was driven by a coincidence of design ideas between the two brands, and ASICS has always adhered to the brand's philosophy of "a sound spirit in a strong body", and in order to continue this vision in product development, the brand established the Institute of Ergonomics (ISS) in Kobe, Japan in 1990. Since then, the joint efforts of researchers, athletes and coaches have resulted in a number of notable technological innovations in athletic footwear.

The brand and the brand share a common passion for product development, which further led to this collaboration. The collaboration draws on the aesthetics of the 2000s to reinterpret the GEL-KAYANO 14 retro running shoe, while retaining the original iconic design.

The ASICS x JJJound GEL-KAYANO 14 comes in two colorways, with crisp white and metallic silver as the main colors, and a mesh surface embellished with embossed details. At the same time, the brand logo and reflective design are incorporated on both sides of the shoe, retaining the original iconic design language of the shoe.

The new ASICS x JJJound GEL-KAYANO 14 co-branded shoe will be available on August 26th at 12 noon on the JJJound website and select retail channels worldwide.