De Beers Paris Haute Couture Week presents 5 new jewelry collections with 45 unique and extraordinary pieces

July 7, 2022 - Light is an invisible, pure energy that blossoms from the sun and stars, and through its interaction with the environment, light takes on a myriad of faces. It can shimmer intensely or appear soft; it can highlight shapes, create shadows, reflect pure light, or even create optical illusions. When light touches a diamond, the color, cut and setting all add to this interactive relationship.

Since the launch of the first chapter of The Alchemist of Light fine jewelry collection in January, De Beers has continued its exploration of the magic of light derived from nature with the launch of five new jewelry sets at Paris Haute Couture Week. This new chapter explores and interprets light in a highly innovative way, presenting stunning and varied designs - Dusk Reflection, Ascending Shadows, Midnight Aura, Optical Wonder and Frozen Capture.

The collection consists of 45 unique and extraordinary pieces, and this new release echoes the Atomique and Light Rays sets, the former interpreting diamonds in creative molecular layers, and the latter capturing the moment when the sun shines in the sky at dawn.

"The Alchemist of Light fine jewelry collection is the pinnacle of our diamond expertise and jewelry craftsmanship." said Céline Assimon, CEO of De Beers Jewellers. "The collection is a blend of the finest white and fancy colored diamonds, as well as some exceptional diamonds selected from the Natural Works of Art collection. Our design studio worked closely with expert jewelers to create these true works of art that can be worn on the body.

"The Dusk Reflection set not only features a detachable element, but also a magnificent Choker necklace that converts into two bracelets, a masterpiece that combines extraordinary artistic aesthetics with exquisite jewelry craftsmanship. The Midnight Aura set features diamonds set in the green gemstone chrysoprase, reminiscent of stardust in the universe, while the Frozen Capture set features contrasting diamond and white crystal motifs. Each piece is exquisite and dazzling."


In pink and white, the Dusk Reflection set includes four unique designs inspired by the soft glow of a sunset on the horizon. The design incorporates De Beers' iconic Enchanted Lotus motif, with the lotus flower as a design motif. The lotus flower is associated with the sun, blooming during the day, closing quietly at night and sinking into the water, then slowly emerging in the morning to reappear as a symbol of the sun. The repetition of the motif seems to depict the rhythm of everyday life.

Round brilliant white diamonds are alternately set in 18k rose and white gold to create this sensual and feminine set. The radiant satin finish gives the precious metal a polished look, enhancing the brilliance of the piece.

The Dusk Reflection choker necklace is dynamic and magnificent, offering an intriguing and tactile texture. Dangling beneath a repeating lotus flower motif is a 1.13 carat intense pink diamond from the De Beers Natural Works of Art collection. The main diamond can be detached and transformed into a pendant that can be worn with a long necklace through an almost invisible switch. In addition, the choker necklace can also be split into a pair of stunning bracelets, allowing for a variety of wearing styles.

The Dusk Reflection long earrings are made of 18k rose and white gold and feature a delicate and dynamic openwork white diamond lotus motif, which can also be worn as studs or asymmetrically for a variety of looks. The Dusk Reflection quadrilateral earrings feature a bold design with a round brilliant diamond in the center, a perfect blend of classic style and contemporary design.


The Ascending Shadows set is a break from tradition in style and intention, with seven magnificent pieces in architectural shapes and striking tones. The design concept is based on the dramatic interaction between stair surfaces and light and shadow, like the revolving staircase in the new De Beers Jewellers flagship store on London's Old Bond Street. The set uses innovative surface materials - pink, blue and green anodized titanium and coated aluminum - to highlight the beauty of rare pink and grey diamonds, as well as green and brownish pink diamond roughs.

A contemporary and opulent necklace is the focal point of the Ascending Shadows set. The piece is layered with gradations in size and shape - a stepped surface of dark blue aluminum rising to meet light blue titanium set with round brilliant white diamonds. Because these metals cannot be fused to each other, the piece employs an innovative high jewelry technique in which a total of 142 individual elements are hinged to each other. The mastery of ten jewelers and five gem-setters has resulted in this superb necklace. The focal point of the necklace is a 3.41 carat pear-cut pale gray diamond in the center of the necklace, flanked by white marquise cut diamonds and green diamond roughs, making it breathtakingly beautiful.

The Ascending Shadows hoop earrings fan outward, mirroring the dynamic beauty of the necklace's swirling shape, while contrasting blue aluminum and titanium highlight the two 1.01 carat pear-cut white diamonds in the center. Using the same color theme, the magnificent Ascending Shadows dangle earrings feature a 2.10 carat square emerald-cut dark fancy gray diamond as the centerpiece, with two fan-shaped patterns of main diamonds spreading outward. The smaller Ascending Shadows Climbing Earrings reinterpret the fan motif of the set in rose-pink toned aluminum, with a 1.02 carat pear-shaped diamond at the center of the earrings, and a brownish pink diamond rough, round brilliant cut intense pink diamond and marquise cut white diamond splaying outward around the main diamond.

The two incomparable Ascending Shadows rings, in rich rose pink and light green aluminum, are set with a large number of marquise and round brilliant white diamonds in light gray titanium, with a rare fancy colored diamond in the center of each ring as the central master diamond. The Ascending Shadows hairpiece is the finishing touch to the set, with a double fan set with marquise cut white diamonds and green diamond roughs, and a central oval cut grey diamond weighing 2.70 carats, which can also be detached from the hairpiece and worn separately as a brooch. This unique and exceptional piece is a new dimension in fine jewelry design.


The glittering green cloud of stardust in the night sky is the inspiration for the Midnight Aura set, which consists of five inventive pieces. Black rhodium perfectly complements the incomparable round brilliant and princess square-cut diamonds, set with innovative and extremely precise techniques in cabochon-cut chrysoprase from Africa.

The magnificent Midnight Aura necklace is meticulously articulated to create a flowing visual effect, with hundreds of encrusted diamonds forming a flexible mesh pattern with a soft fabric-like texture. The necklace features a 20.57 carat pear-shaped white diamond from the De Beers Natural Works of Art collection, which is detachable, allowing the necklace to be worn in three different ways. Complementing the design of the necklace, the Midnight Aura drop chandelier earrings are composed of star-like round brilliant diamonds, while the extraordinary pear-shaped main diamond can be converted into a separate stud.

Both Midnight Aura rings are inspired by "continuity" and "connection". In the first ring, pavé-set diamonds form the imagery of the infinity symbol, while two egg-cut chrysoprase stones are centered by a 0.7 carat princess-cut white diamond as the main diamond. The second ring features an open design with a 4.23 carat pear-shaped white diamond set with a princess square-cut diamond in chrysoprase, while the Midnight Aura climbing earrings embody the theme of the workings of the universe, with a variety of diamond cuts and settings symbolizing the deep and mysterious universe.


Victor Vasarely, an icon of the Op Art movement, inspired the Optical Wonder set, which uses geometric patterns to create a unique optical illusion. The Optical Wonder set consists of seven stunning pieces, with bold lines of pavé-set diamonds and colored aluminum intertwined in contrasting patterns that cast beams of reflected and refracted light, focusing the eye on the stunningly magnificent main diamond. Staying true to the Op Art style, some pieces in this set feature a monochromatic design, while others feature a vibrant color palette.

In the Optical Wonder necklace and earrings, the striking black aluminum metal is contrasted with magnificent yellow diamond stones and polished diamonds. The necklace is decorated with a multi-stripe pattern and features a magnificent 3.02 carat radiant-cut fancy yellow diamond at its center; the Optical Wonder long earrings are similar in design to the necklace and can be transformed into geometric studs. The Optical Wonder bracelet also features a striking design, with pavé-set round brilliant yellow diamonds interspersed with black aluminum, highlighting a 3.02 carat oval-cut deep fancy grayish green diamond in the center.

The concentric circle shape is not only one of the key motifs in Op Art, but also inspired these eye-catching Optical Wonder dangle earrings. Numerous round brilliant diamonds seem to swirl toward the magnificent pear-cut fancy diamonds, making them the center of attention in the piece. The two Optical Wonder rings are set in vivid pink and vibrant blue, with lines of pavé-set white diamonds intertwined with undulating three-dimensional shapes that converge on a central master diamond. The pink ring is adorned with approximately 1.01 carats of Radiant-cut intense pink diamonds from the De Beers Natural Works of Art collection.


Inspired by the play of light in a glacier, the Frozen Capture set features six stunning pieces that sparkle with artistic brilliance and exceptional diamond expertise, and for the first time, De Beers has used white crystals from Brazil. Each piece was cut specifically for the set, and some of them were even used to set diamonds.

The magnificent Frozen Capture necklace is the ultimate in purity and perfection, with rows of round brilliant diamonds and square crystals set in polished precious metal to create a translucent, mirror-like effect. Marquise diamonds form the fringe-like edge of the necklace, which ends with a 20.10-carat, flawless pear-cut master diamond of inner and outer clarity. This breathtaking diamond from the De Beers Natural Works of Art Collection is a detachable design. The Frozen Capture drop chandelier earrings use the same design concept as the necklace to dance in interaction with light.

Marquise cut white diamonds are delicately set in square crystals, creating a sparkling contemporary style statement for the Frozen Capture earrings and studs. The magnificent and dynamic Frozen Capture bracelet follows a similar design trick. The two Frozen Capture rings, one with an 8.24 carat oval cut diamond of internally flawless clarity and the other with a 10.31 carat round brilliant diamond, are both from the De Beers Natural Works of Art collection. The round ring is crafted from a dome-cut white crystal with a squared outline above to depict the aesthetics of pure, flawless ice.

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