【Watch】Roger Dubuis released the King Collection watch Beijing SKP store held a new preview event

Recently, theSwiss watch brand Roger Dubuis with a variety of new watches in Beijing SKP store held a new preview event. This time, the focus was on the four new series of watch items under the King Collection.

The King's Collection Artist Collaboration - Dr. Woo

Finding inspiration in the most unexpected places is an inherent part of Roger Dubuis' expertise, and this has led to a partnership with the URBAN ART TRIBE. These globally acclaimed urban culture artists share our values: the desire to subvert the norm, to showcase their expertise and to pursue the future of design. Dr. Woo is a renowned tattoo artist and a disruptor in his field of expertise, specializing in creating surreal needle designs and making a name for himself in the tattoo world with his minimalist, monochromatic, single needle style. He is known for his exceptionally consistent hand, and his unparalleled geometric shapes and ultra-thin lines have won him the admiration of top international celebrities, resulting in tattoos for many famous people. He is the first of the brand's three partners to reshape the future of super watches. Our exceptional watchmaker and visionary artist has turned his imagination into reality, proudly presenting the classic King's Single Flying Tourbillon with Dr. Woo's unique style and reinterpretation.

The clean, strong lines of the case and movement create a strong visual identity. At the same time, the Manufacture has completely overhauled the movement, not only enhancing its transparency and depth, but also allowing Roger Dubuis's distinctive star-shaped decoration to hover freely above the barrel. The iconic double line motif is subtly applied to the flutes of the crown and bezel, the convex corners of the pentagram, the cage of the tourbillon, the hour markers on the rim of the disc and the hands, which appear to be about to meet but never do. The RD512SQ movement is a stunning technical creation, one of the most fascinating expressions of the art of watchmaking. Thanks to the tourbillon's non-magnetic titanium lower cage (twice as light as steel) and its mirror-polished non-magnetic cobalt-chromium upper cage, the tourbillon is 16% lighter and thus operates optimally.

As a result, the movement has better resistance to magnetism and the power reserve has been significantly increased to 72 hours, allowing the owner to keep the watch running even when not wearing it on weekends. This dynamic aesthetic is underscored by the certification of this exceptional achievement by the Hallmark of Geneva, one of the most rigorous quality certifications in the world of Haute Horlogerie, which requires hand finishing and decoration of every part of the timepiece and the use of finishes beyond the imagination of Fine Watchmaking (such as sandblasting of the front and polishing of the corners), demonstrating Roger Dubuis's visionary.

In his reinterpretation, Dr. Woo took the star-shaped symbol of the King's Single Flying Tourbillon as his starting point and conceived a new look for it. He imagined the pentagram as a spacecraft moving forward, with its outstretched corners representing the trajectory left behind in time and space. Dr. Woo's unique connection to the world of space has inspired his designs on many other levels. As the star of Dr. Woo's life, the geometric shapes and planetary motifs that dot the dial are a map of the universe in his mind. He also incorporates minimalist symbols borrowed from the art of tattooing: the moon, which represents energy, the triangle, which extends from the ground, and the circle, which represents the infinite connection of each person. By combining them, Dr. Woo creates a new language for expression and interpretation.

Indeed, each look at this profoundly detailed design reveals more layers of meaning and mystery. Starting with the "spider", a symbol of strength and protection for Dr. Woo, this element moves through the eight limited edition timepieces, appearing in different places on each dial, thus making each watch a unique and original creation. In addition, details that only the wearer can enjoy include a cosmic diagram on the case back, creating a deeper connection between this exceptional timepiece and its owner. Inspired by the Dr. Woo stitch, the watch is metallized for gold to be etched onto the sapphire crystal, resulting in a pentagram on the dial, as well as its precise, detailed and striking design.

In addition, laser engraving draws ultra-fine lines on a black PVD plate beneath the movement to reveal the artist's cosmogram in 18-carat eternity gold (EON GOLDTM) * The caseback uses a similar process to embed the artist's intricate hand-painted decoration on the cover. All the details are at hand: the unique embossed strap, decorated with the sacred symbol of Dr. Woo, also required a break with the original technical constraints, and Roger Dubuis used a stamping technique to engrave an extremely delicate pattern on black calfskin, once again embodying the brand's spirit of serving an exceptional aesthetic with great skill.

Dr. Woo's creation is an original and magnificent show, all housed in a 42 mm case in eternal gold, which brings a new interpretation of time and a new dimension to watchmaking. He says that creating this timepiece allowed him to see time in a completely different light: "Time is a priceless asset that we have. How you experience the passage of time is up to you."

King's Star Skeleton

Roger Dubuis is proud to present the new King's Star Skeleton, a single-wheel self-winding skeleton watch made of mineral composite fiber (MCF) with a pure white case, in keeping with Roger Dubuis' unconventional and daring innovation, and its pure white and flawless look.

Inspired by similar materials used in aerospace, mineral composite fiber (MCF) strikes a balance between lightness and durability, elevating this 42 mm diameter timepiece to a work of art, with its case, bezel and crown all made of this pure white high-tech material, demonstrating the Roger Dubuis Manufacture's exceptional watchmaking expertise and its spirit of going beyond the limits. Composed of 99.95% silica and made by the sheet molding compound (SMC) process, mineral composite fiber (MCF) is a robust and durable structure that is 2.5 times lighter than ceramic and 13% lighter than SMC carbon fiber, making it highly malleable and making complex designs possible. Roger Dubuis developed its creations with comfort in mind, but also with a consistent avant-garde aesthetic in mind, resulting in a highly stable watch that is extremely resistant to ultraviolet light, artificial light and natural light, further enhanced by the addition of pigments for its white coloration. To preserve its pure white aesthetic, this stunning masterpiece is complemented by a white rubber strap.

The skeletonized view of its self-winding movement can be seen through Roger Dubuis' distinctive star-shaped bridges, with a simplified skeletonized micro-rotor at 11 o'clock on the RD820SQ movement. The specially developed oscillating weight offers the same exceptional performance as the full-size one, and its construction ensures that the watch can be wound steadily and automatically, thus achieving a power reserve of 60 hours.

This stunning creation, like other Roger Dubuis timepieces, is engraved with the prestigious Hallmark of Geneva, and each part of the watch has been created by hand in the Geneva Manufacture, making it a limited edition of only 88 pieces.

King's Racing Maverick White

This timepiece, reinterpreted in CCF ceramic composite and fitted with a white case, is a dynamic addition to the racing scene. The RD630 calibre in CCF ceramic composite, a high-tech material inspired by other pioneering industries, is a striking and exciting look, and Roger Dubuis saw the originality of using CCF ceramic composite in the production of space rockets in the aerospace sector. After months of research and development, he created his own CCF ceramic composite material. With the brand's technical strength and vision to break new ground, the Roger Dubuis Manufacture, which developed it in-house, discovered that combining resin with abrasion-resistant ceramic fibers would produce an extremely lightweight new material, 20% lighter than carbon fiber and with a unique white marble-like texture. This lightness not only allows the owner to enjoy exceptional comfort, but also allows the watch to be designed in a creative way.

The new King's Quest Maverick, with its white case and movement interior in this material, is an innovative feat and an expression of passion in a single timepiece. The new King's Racing Calf is the latest creation from Roger Dubuis x Lamborghini Squadra Corse, the Lamborghini race sports division, and it is an expression of the performance and stunning aesthetics that are the hallmarks of this partnership. Designed to resemble a car engine, this white CCF ceramic composite calf watch combines the unique DNA of an Italian supercar with the watchmaking expertise of Roger Dubuis. Equipped with the RD630 self-winding movement, the 45 mm diameter Maverick is as exhilarating as its namesake sports car, combining performance with lightness. The timepiece draws its inspiration from the strong visual elements of the Lamborghini Huracán, incorporating distinctive elements of the iconic racing car design.

The hexagonal instrument panel of the Lamborghini Huracán is subtly reflected in this timepiece, while the double barrel and the 12-degree inclined balance wheel are also signature elements of the movement, symbolizing the brand's partnership with Lamborghini Squadra Corse. The 360-degree rim-shaped oscillating weight of the semi-skeleton movement can be viewed from the case back, reflecting the speed and appearance of the Huracán's supercar rims. The crown is inspired by the rim nuts of a supercar, while the upper bridge of the movement follows the design of the "engine compartment lever" of the V10 engine of the Lamborghini Huracán supercar, giving it an automotive look. The hidden date display enhances the interest of the watch, and the quick-release mechanism on the clasp and strap ensures that the watch components can be replaced quickly. This model is issued in a limited edition of 88 pieces.

The King Racer Maverick also achieves another technical feat: at night, its Super-Luminova-filled upper rim and hands glow with light, reflecting the brand's love and obsession with light and luminous effects. The Super-Luminova coating is fused directly to the inside of the white rubber-lined strap through a vulcanization process called SuperBiwiNova, creating a luminous finishing touch.

King's Race LPL watch

The 45 mm diameter King's Quest LPL watch was designed to commemorate the unorthodox partnership between Roger Dubuis and the League of Legends professional league (LPL), inspired by the League of Legends game and e-sports. The finishing touch is the bezel, which features the game's "top lane, field, middle lane, bottom lane and support" and the LPL logo, and the patented quick-release mechanism for the bezel and strap, which can be quickly changed anywhere. What's more, the color scheme of the two watches is also very special, the design is inspired by the famous series of skins in the game, the red and black model is based on the red symbolizing the bravery and victory qualities, reflecting the strong technology texture of the future science fiction style. The white and purple models are colored with dazzling colors symbolizing the light of the universe, combined with the LPL gaming culture, reflecting the dreamy characteristics of starlight, allowing the wearer to feel the charm of LPL gaming on the wrist.

The collection brings out the best of skeletonization and is equipped with the iconic RD630 self-winding mechanical movement with double barrels and 12° inclined balance wheel, the unconventional mechanics of which infuse the timepiece with exciting power. This time, the watch is released in a limited edition of 28 pieces in each of two materials for the Chinese market: black DLC-coated titanium with black and red rubber straps and Alcantara lining; and white ceramic composite fiber with purple and white rubber straps and technical rubber lining.

To pay tribute to the gaming kings who continue to break boundaries, three of the watches will also be presented to those who have made outstanding contributions to the gaming industry at the League of Legends LPL Hall of Fame Coronation Ceremony, crowning the gaming kings with their untamed spirit.