Solvil et Titus collaborates with One Piece Film Red to launch a limited edition watch collection

September 1, 2022 - Watchmaker Solvil et Titus has released its latest limited edition watches in collaboration with One Piece Film Red, the latest film adaptation of the manga series One Piece.

The exclusive collection includes three watch designs featuring the film's main characters "Uta", "Luffy" and "Shanks".

The collection showcases meticulous craftsmanship, weaving elements of the story and iconic personality traits of the main characters into the design of each watch, creating truly memorable keepsakes for One Piece fans and watch collectors alike.

The collection will be available at Solvil et Titus stores in Singapore for a limited time only while stocks last.

Channeling the power of friendship and passion through timepieces

The timepieces in the collection are One Piece-themed re-imaginings of Solvil et Titus' Saber and Aspira models to honor the richness and imagination of the series' character designs. The limited edition number is printed on the back of each timepiece.

The "Luffy" Limited Edition Watch

The back of the "Luffy" Limited Edition watch features a sunburst dial with a camouflage design of the Luffy Straw Hat gang and a matching engraving of the entire crew on the case.

Smaller details, such as Luffy's chest scar, skull icon and his famous quote "I will become the King of Thieves!" is also included throughout the watch as a tribute to one of the most enduring comic book characters to date.

Also included are references to ONE PIECE FILM RED, such as an engraving of Luffy's famous quote, "No! I'm on a 183-game winning streak!" and the film's logo on the back of the glass case.

The "Song" limited edition watch

The "Uta" limited edition watch is inspired by the One Piece Film Red character "Uta".

The red and white aluminum bezel of the rose gold watch is inspired by Uta's red and white hair and is decorated with musical notes in tribute to Uta's extraordinary singing ability.

The pink sunburst dial is also inspired by Uta's performance in the film and shows her dancing silhouette at 12 o'clock. The dial also features 3 chronographs with Uta's signature iridescent cuffs and notes.

Uta's quote from the movie, "Luffy, stop being a pirate," is engraved on the back of the watch.

"Shanks Limited Edition

The "Shanks" Limited Edition is the last watch in the collection and features the character "Shanks" from One Piece Film Red. Unlike the other 2 watches with stainless steel straps, this watch features a burgundy leather strap with laser etched outlines of Shanks and Uta.

Character details on the watch include a burgundy gradient dial with Shanks' scars printed at 12 to 4 o'clock, and at 12 to 3 o'clock. Shanks' skull icon is also printed at 6 o'clock, alongside a white seconds hand inspired by Shanks' sword. His movie line "首を突っ込まないでもらえるか" (Please don't interfere) is also engraved on the back of the watch.

Whether you are a fan of One Piece or just a fan of limited edition watches, these watches are a fitting addition to any memorabilia collection.

Each watch in the collection comes with an exclusive ONE PIECE FILM RED watch box and other limited edition merchandise, including a laser card certificate of authenticity, watch cloth and carrying case. Collaboration items are available while supplies last.

These timepieces can now be pre-ordered online at Solvil et Titus' website.

Solvil et Titus will also be hosting a giveaway from September 1st to 14th to commemorate the release of the collection and the film. A total of 25 winners will have the chance to win an exclusive limited edition One Piece Red Film Tote Bag!


About Solvil and Titus

The Solvil et Titus brand was born in 1887 when Paul Ditisheim (1868-1945), a prominent figure in the Swiss watch industry, named it one of the first models he created. Solvil stands for Sonvilier, the village of Jura where a factory for the manufacture of watch components was located, and Titus was a talented and skilled Roman emperor of the first century.

This famous watchmaker and inventor achieved great success in the research and manufacture of precision timepieces that hold the accuracy records recognized by the famous international tests conducted by the Royal Observatory of Kew Teddington and Neuchâtel. His products range from watches for navigation to chronometers that automatically display the time of sunrise and sunset each day. From watches with perpetual calendars to watches that strike and combine to tell the time, from chronometers with equations of time to many other watches with many complications.

After World War II, mass market demand replaced the need for exclusive items and Solvil et Titus expanded its geographical footprint and production capacity. In the 70's, Solvil et Titus was marketed in Asia.

Solvil et Titus began a series of romantic television commercials in Hong Kong in the late 80s, starring superstars such as Anita Mui, Wong Kit, Chow Yun Fat and Andy Lau, as well as world-famous soccer player Ryan Giggs. Promoting an ancient-themed watch collection, the campaign was a huge success, with sales of Solvil et Titus watches soaring and the brand becoming a symbol of love and romantic expression. From the classic advertising slogan "Forever and ever" (which translates as "Love lost may be love that stays with you forever") to today's "Time is love", the romantic nature of Solvil et Titus' romantic nature has never changed.

In recent years, Solvil et Titus has continued to enrich its product range. Following the launch of sunglasses, 925 sterling silver jewelry and small fashion accessories, the brand has launched a new collaboration with Kanmi, a Japanese brand, to create handmade leather bags and accessories with a simple and chic design. More than just a watch brand, Solvil et Titus is now the name of a multi-faceted, modern and romantic fashion product.