【Watch】Jacob&Co.Jackpot and Bugatti Bugatti join hands to launch the Chiron Kellogg Sapphire Crystal

Jacob&Co. and Bugatti Bugatti have recently agreed on a long-term partnership to create an unprecedented watch that combines the spirit of a sports car with the craftsmanship of fine watchmaking.

Jacob&Co. Jackpot Bugatti Chiron Sapphire Crystal - Green (left), Blue (right)

A replica of a sports car engine with an animated movement that roars, a flying tourbillon that soars through the air, and a colorful sapphire crystal case that adds color without losing its transparency, the Bugatti Chiron Sapphire Crystal by Jacob&Co.

Jacob&Co. Bugatti Bugatti Chiron Sapphire Crystal - Green model (left), Blue model (right)

Legendary reproduction of the Bugatti Bugatti W16 engine's animated movement

When the animated crown button on the right side of the case is activated, a magnificent animated scene of the Bugatti W16 engine is instantly unfolded in front of you: as if starting a real internal combustion engine, the axle spins rapidly, 16 pistons pump up and down simultaneously, and the two turbochargers on the side keep circling, creating a spectacular visual impression.

Reproduction of the Bugatti W16 engine's animated movement

The animated movement of the replica W16 engine is completely suspended by four joints on an animated engine frame surrounding two simulated exhaust pipes, which float up and down in the case as the animation unfolds.

Two separate barrels and ratchets control the engine animation system and the time system independently; the power reserve for the animation and the time display are independent and are wound by the same crown, which rotates clockwise to wind the time system and counterclockwise to wind the animation system. The power-reserve display is shown at 9 o'clock on the watch, which is an ingenious simulation of a real sports car's fuel gauge, and even has a genuine engraving of the international fuel pump symbol on its side.

Power reserve display simulating the fuel gauge of a real sports car

Flying tourbillon with 30° inclination in the sky

At six o'clock, Jacob & Co. introduces a flying tourbillon set at a 30° inclination. The flying tourbillon, which appears as if it were flying through the air with only one end attached to the main body of the watch, is a fascinating sight; its 30° inclination gives the viewer the best possible angle of appreciation from the crystal glass U-shaped window.

The 30° tilted flying tourbillon

An innovative one-piece sapphire crystal case

Jacob & Co. not only reproduces the animated movement and smooth tonneau shape of Bugatti's exceptional W16 engine, but also creates a streamlined case in one-piece sapphire crystal, with each case taking months of work (120 hours of hand polishing alone) to produce. The JCAM37 hand-wound movement is hand-assembled from 578 parts.

One-piece sapphire crystal case

The coloring of the sapphire crystal case adds to the complexity of the process. To achieve the desired depth of color, fine particles of color are added to the sapphire powder, and their content must be exact. Nevertheless, the final watch has a colorful texture while retaining a rare transparency.

The exact amount of fine color particles added to the sapphire powder to give a colorful texture

The case back allows the intricacies of the watch's inner workings to be seen from the back, where the 51 beautiful jewels of the 578-part, hand-assembled, ultra-complex movement shine in their own right. From any angle, the Jacob&Co. Bugatti Chiron Sapphire Crystal can be freely admired for its exquisite blend of fine art, haute horlogerie craftsmanship and automotive mechanics.

The back-transparent setting reveals the inner mysteries of the watch

Identical colored sapphire crystal crowns in their own right

The three crowns are positioned side by side at six o'clock, with the left crown setting the time, the middle crown winding both the animation system and the time system, and the right crown activating the animation instantly by pressing it.

The sapphire crystal crowns in their respective positions

The constant movement of the animated movement up and down inside the case can pose a threat to the stability of the crown, a problem that Jacob&Co. has solved securely by designing a patented automatic linking lateral system at the crown that protects the crown lever from the movement of the animated movement.

The automatic linking lateral system protects the crown bar from the movement of the animated movement

A wide range of transparent and colorful sapphire finish options

The addition of colorful particles adds a layer of difficulty to the production process of the Bugatti Chiron Sapphire Crystal by Jacob&Co. Jacob&Co.