Accessories brand KVK released a new “Fishtail” capsule collection of accessories, reinterpreting the classic fairy tale “Daughter of the Sea

Recently, domestic accessory brand KVK launched the "Fishtail" capsule collection of accessories, which is inspired by the contemporary female gaze and reinterprets the classic fairy tale "The Sea's Daughter".

The "Fishtail" capsule collection takes the shape of a fish tail, which is intended to explore the core of modern intimacy and inspire a reflection on women's independent personality. The fish tail, symbolizing the identity of a mermaid, is no longer an obstacle to the pursuit of intimacy in the fairy tale, but a metaphor for each woman's true innate selfhood, and a symbol that cannot be easily tamed. There is no substitute for the fishtail, and cherishing it is an integral part of the process of building one's "identity".

The capsule collection is made of near-future metallic silver, which is fused with the shape of fishtail and transformed into rings, earrings, ear clips, necklaces, chokers, bracelets and other contemporary feminine styling items. The capsule collection reveals the slim and sharp shape of the fishtail, sometimes with the freedom of movement, sometimes with the strength of the sea, in the form of a medallion and a weapon, echoing the free mind of a woman in pursuit of herself and showing her determination to defend herself.

A closer look at the design language of "Fishtail" capsule collection

The pendant and the chain

The three petals of the tail are closely arranged like scales, and the chain of the tail is a fine and shimmering reflection of the sea.

Open-tailed CHOKER, open-tailed bracelet

The tension of the tail in the sea is expressed through three layers of visual superimposition. The fish tail is placed around the neck or wrist, like a guardian pose.

Basic earrings/ear clips

The three petals of the bead tail are arranged closely like bead scales, giving it a feathery and free form, suitable for a variety of styles and scenarios.

Fishtail gemstone pendant ear clips

The three lines of the fish bones are the visual language, and the aquamarine drop-shaped stones fall from the ear, revealing the deep life of the sea.

Bezoar ring

The shape of the seawater is fused with the shape of the tail. The two ends of the bezoar hold up the precious stones between the fingers and accentuate the daily look.

Open end ring/joint ring

The slender and sharp shape of the bead tail is a three-layer visual overlay, presenting the power of the bead tail to grasp the sea and projecting the determination of contemporary people to live their own lives.

Water ripple ring

The shape is inspired by the combination of a single layer of fish tail and water ripples, with sharp lines without losing fluidity. The blue-green stones dangle and sway, reflecting the dark mystery of the deep sea.

The "Fishtail" capsule collection was launched during Valentine's Day. In this festive atmosphere where love is paramount, KVK hopes to complete a dialogue with women through this collection. Guarding the sense of autonomy, always carrying self-awareness, just like the mermaid defending the tail of the fish into the sea, swimming in the new waters of the new language of love.