Here are all the products participating in Sisley’s July Fourth Festival in France

The summer emotions seem to be extraordinarily passionate, without the need to hide, inadvertently revealing the strong love and expectations in the corner of the eyebrows and mouth. The air is also full of pink dreamy love scent, intoxicating.

On this festive occasion, Heathley France is offering a special gift. During the Tmall Tanabata event, France Heathley Tmall official flagship store, classic goodies, reputation star products, celebrity favorites ...... selections, stock up on essential. Let your skin experience a high-fashion banquet and let your body and mind enjoy an extraordinary phytochemical luxury! 1. inner luxury, stability and strength: France Heathley all-purpose lotion

The French Heathley Hall of Fame star single all-purpose lotion, containing multiple active ingredients such as Centella Asiatica, ginseng and rosemary, revitalizes and repairs, gently stabilizes and nourishes the skin with a clear, elastic and moist texture. The gift is worth 1,340 yuan. 2. The Black Rose Glowing Essence Cream from Heathley

The Black Rose Renewal Serum is a surprise texture created by Heathley's water-dew gel technology, which is instantly melting, nourishing and repairing, helping the skin to regain its hydration and fullness. 3. Rare Black Rose Brightening Vitality: Heathley Black Rose Radiance Essence Eye Cream

The new formula of Heathley Black Rose Eye Cream, specially developed for the delicate eye area, blends triple effects to brighten, rejuvenate, smooth and rejuvenate the eyes. 4. Firming and Lifting, Lightening and Brightening: Heathley Anti-Wrinkle Revitalizing Face Cream S Cream

The cream is a free gift of 5ml*3 of the same cream and 15ml*2 of S essence water with the purchase of 50ml of Heathley S cream during the Tmall Tanabata event from August 4 onwards, worth up to 1380 RMB. 5. Makeup Hold and Shine: Heathley Light Foundation

Heathley's Light Foundation is available in 9 colors to suit all skin tones. The foundation is a great way to brighten up your skin and make it more radiant, fresh and flawless. from August 4, during the Tmall Tanabata event, the purchase of the same model of France Heathley Radiance Fan Liquid 30ml will be free of eye and lip make-up remover worth 240 yuan, Isha perfume experience group, and a lovely custom Tanabata keychain
. 6. A touch of satin light, flawless hydration: France Heathley charm lipstick

The French Heathley high-definition lipstick, diamond cut cream, 4 major color 24 shades, a touch of lip charm, interpretation of the confident aura. August 4, Tmall Tanabata Festival activities during the purchase of Yao Chen the same French Heathley charm lipstick that is worth 240 yuan of eye and lip makeup remover, Isha perfume experience group, and a lovely custom Tanabata keychain Oh
. 7. gentle and delicate intoxicating fragrance: France Heathley edge of the moon perfume

The French Heathley edge of the moon perfume, for the unique personality of the woman was born, the natural atmosphere, the transmission of a unique temperament, charming and elegant, contains a wealth of enthusiasm, mysterious, charming, quiet, elegant and sensual fusion. August 4 onwards, during the Tmall Tanabata Festival activities, the purchase of France Heathley edge of the moon perfume is a free 250 yuan worth of fragrance body lotion experience group (containing the night of love, wilderness and Isha three star fragrance The body lotion each 15ml). 8. Scalp nourishment, hair strength: France Heathley Rexroth hair care brand to enhance the strength of the hair care essence

The hair care product is a highly technological hair care product that contains a high concentration of minerals, vitamins, plant extracts and proteins to energize the scalp and strengthen the hair. The gift is worth up to 205 RMB. From August 4, during the Tmall Tanabata event, France Heathley Tmall official flagship store has a limited full experience box, members first order gift all-round lotion 10ml experience, members points for gifts and other multiple gifts.