Penfield China x PLAYLOGIC Launches Pet Camping Series Kit [Photo

Aug. 24, 2022 - Outdoor lifestyle brand Penfield China has officially partnered with PLAYLOGIC, a pet & trendy home lifestyle brand, to launch a 7-in-1 combo pet camping series kit, a one-stop shop to meet basic pet camping needs and make traveling easier for pets.

The series set includes: pet travel clutch bag, pet camping tent, pet moisture-proof sleeping mat, outdoor functional wind pet leash, pet fast wear collar, pet folding bowl, pet food bag. The whole series are pet-friendly design, each product has a pet-friendly ingenuity and excellent outdoor functional properties.

The pet & trendy home life brand PLAYLOGIC has always been good at redefining and designing daily necessities in life from a trendy and deconstructed perspective, while Penfield China is a pioneer in the promotion of outdoor lifestyle, and the design of the products in this set breaks through the design boundary of traditional pet supplies, using Penfield China's signature camping style The design of the products in this set breaks through the traditional pet supplies design boundary, using Penfield China's signature camping style perspective to reshape daily pet supplies, advocate outdoor life for pets, and let the fur kids return to nature and their nature. Together with friends who love pets, we will create a healthy and happy lifestyle for pets.

It is reported that the pet camping series set created by Penfield China x PLAYLOGIC will be officially put on sale in Penfield China offline stores, the brand's official flagship store on Tmall and the small program mall at the same time. For more information, please pay attention to Penfield China brand official account.

Penfield China store address.

  1. 2F L2-16A, TX Huaihai Young Power Center, No. 523 Huaihai Zhong Road, Shanghai

  2. Unit SLG38-1, No.19 Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

【About Penfield China】
Founded in 1975 by HarveyGross in Massachusetts, Penfield is the pioneer of outdoor jackets in the United States, and has been advocating its functionality and practicality for several years, which is highly recognized and sought after by outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. Now Penfield China wants to experiment with the design concept of truly FOR LIFE IN THE OPEN and life integration. Instead of being an outdoor apparel brand, it is more like a lifestyle collection store. There is camping, skiing, surfing, fishing, music and so on, from the hustle and bustle of the city to the wilderness of the outdoors, always for the freedom of life.