The new Very Good Girl Glam Fearless Queen fragrance (fragrant version) is released with a rich floral woody fragrance

Following the worldwide success of Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl Fearless Queen, Carolina Herrera continues to push boundaries by presenting the world with the new Very Good Girl Glam Fearless Queen (Fragrance Edition), a new olfactory experience with arich floral woody fragrance. It is an ode to the power of women.

Since the launch of the Good Girl collection in 2016, the high-heeled fragrance has become a symbol of the modern, independent and confident woman. The new Very Good Girl Glam Fearless Queen fragrance (Fragrance Edition) is an even more sensual interpretation of this sexy shade, pouring in a dazzling waterfall of glitter, highlighting the power of women. In the new campaign, Carolina Herrera and supermodel Karlie Kloss strides down the red carpet to showcase the queen at her most glamorous. They are confident, independent, fearless and unstoppable, perfectly interpreting the unique temperament and unique charm of modern women. They hold fragrance fearlessly, independent life. The distinctive design of the Good Girl fragrance collection inspired the imagination of perfumers Quentin Bisch, Louise Turner and Shyamala Maisondieu. As renowned perfumers, Quentin Bisch, Louise Turner and Shyamala Maisondieu have collaborated with many famous brands to present a number of highly sought-after fragrances. The new Very Good Girl Glam Fearless Queen perfume (Fragrance Edition) combines the strengths of three perfumers to open a new chapter in Carolina Herrera fragrance.

The sweet cherry creates a lively top note that is enhanced by the vanilla base. This is a fascinating innovation following the addition of playful currants to Very Good Girl Fearless Queen. "The cherry scent is deeper and more intense than the currant," says Quentin Bisch, "with a smooth lacquered surface and two shimmering shifts of deep red and pink in the interplay of light and shadow." This profound interpretation of color is an apt hint of the powerful inner strength of women. The concentrated rose essence is the finishing touch to Very Good Girl Glam Fearless Queen (Fragrance Edition), which not only enriches the connotation of Fearless Queen, but also adds depth and richness to the rose fragrance in the middle notes, just like a confident and independent modern woman making a bold feminine statement. As the rose fades, a light, woody aroma emerges. The addition of vetiver and bourbon vanilla extends and develops the overall fragrance in a multi-sensory experience, highlighting the strong collision between the romantic and sweet top and middle notes and the warm and lush base notes, which is the hallmark of the Good Girl collection.

Guided by the spirit of modern sustainability, Carolina Herrera continues to actively seek ways to create the most beautiful green products for the world and its consumers. For the first time, the perfumers have reinvented the extraction process, upcycling rose water that would normally be disposed of to create a special rose essence. The company is also involved in the "Sourcing for Shared Value" environmental project, where vetiver is grown and harvested in the most natural way, while supporting local education and infrastructure, and protecting local producers. As the founder, Ms. Herrera, says, fragrance is the invisible battle dress of the modern woman. "The women who wear Very Good Girl Glam Fearless Queen are bold, confident and courageous, fearless of others' eyes, they are brave enough to express themselves with this fragrance and dare to speak out for the world.